With Open Eyes - Monday , April 23 , 2012


Uh... hi there! This is the artist/writer for With Open Eyes, mostly known as Toast or TOP or Toasteroven Protectorate of 1862.
You know, whatever. W.O.E. is my very first webcomic as well as really my first comic. There was a thing I made when I was
about 10, but that doesn't really count... incidentally, it wasn't long after my last attempt at html until now,
a decade later! Can you tell at all?

The comic itself is based on a dream I had, but it's long departed from that starting point. Well, not long since I'm only
about 13 pages in as of writing this, but you know what I mean. ...Right? If you're curious for some godawful reason, I use Inkscape for the art. Just Inkscape
and a mouse. It's all I really need. It doesn't autosave, though. No it does not........

In any case, I hope you enjoy this little experiment of mine!

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